This is Leslie (aka “Mrs. SoarBlue”).  Kevin has been asking me repeatedly, over and over, to write a blog for SoarBlue. FACT:  Years ago I used to have my own blog called “No One Gave Me the Instruction Book.” I’m sure you have read it – don’t act like you didn’t. It covered many timely topics like our dog eating an entire pot of beans or how I decorate our house for Christmas. After numerous Pulitzer Prize nominations, I shut the blog down when I went back to graduate school.  I promise to give this blog the timely topics and fascinating details that accompanied my former writing. Your welcome.


So…..who is SoarBlue?  I’m saying “who” instead of “what” because we are a family company, and getting to know us lets you understand who we are and what our company means to us.


I’ll start at the top – Kevin, our fearless leader, unless there are spiders involved.  He is Arkansas born, graduated from the University of Arkansas (and a rabid Razorback fan), devoted to his family, a youth-leader in our church, Mexican food lover, and, of course, a Democrat. Kevin spent over twenty-five years working at a corporate job, but felt called to give back and make a change.  That’s what brought us SoarBlue. We’ll talk more about how that happened in another post, but just know that he puts his money where his mouth is. He also likes to put tortilla chips where his mouth is.

Mrs.SoarBlue, moi, is also from Arkansas because that is where all cool kids are from.  Seriously, if you have not been to Arkansas, you need to visit. I think we are the most under-appreciated state.  I smell another blog post. Anyway, my dad was a college professor at the University of Arkansas who immigrated to the United States when he was twenty.  My mother is from South Arkansas. I spent my summers in Europe visiting my dad’s family or in Amity, Arkansas on my grandparent’s farm. It truly was the best of both worlds.  I taught third grade for ten years, had two kids,took a mini retirement, then went back to school to be a school librarian. That’s a nice way of saying that at 42 I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’m a librarian in an elementary school now, and it’s the best job in the world.  I challenge you to come up with something better. I read children’s books, interact with all the kiddos at my school, and run our school’s STEM lab. And I get paid to do this!

Next up is Will, Wildebeast, the Beast, we could go on forever with the nicknames.  He’s in college at the University of Arkansas and thinks he’s going to major in Sociology and Criminology.  We’ll check in next year and see if he’s like his mom who did about 29 major changes during her college career.  Will likes his Jeep, food, pestering, food, sarcasm, food… he’s basically eating us out of house and home. I don’t know what kind of job you can get with a Sociology/Criminology major, but I hope it’s enough to pay for a big grocery bill.  Will has a passion for Political Science and History and reads theories about these for fun. I watch Dance Moms for fun, but oh well.

Emma is our youngest.  She is fourteen and loves makeup, cheerleading, tumbling, friends, clothes, and telling me I’m wrong.  I’m being punished for all of my teenage sins. She is actually very sweet, and we call her our “self-cleaning oven.”  She is a perfectionist and does all her school work, freaks if the 98% is not a 100%, and lays out all the notes for me to sign.  It’s nice to have one responsible person in our home.

Our final family member, and the one I sometimes love the most (not really, sometimes, maybe a little) is Lulu.  She’s our three year old Cockapoo, and Lulu was put on this earth to make people happy. I’m serious – that’s it.  I wish there were more people like this. She’s currently licking herself as a type this, so I guess she’s making herself happy, too.  


OK, that’s us.  We’re a close family.  We’re a little nuts. Sometimes we say things that aren’t quite right, but we love each other and we are committed to making a change.  I’m going to really make an effort to blog regularly. That’s right – give me a blogging laxative because I’m making a commitment to regularity.  OH! I almost forgot! I love potty humor! OK! I’m done now – please keep checking back. Please check out our website! Please buy some t-shirts because we give back a portion of our sales to charity.