We’re all in this together!

SoarBlue has teamed up with local Fayetteville, Arkansas Artist Savannah Brady (Blue Violet Art) to create a unique vinyl sticker set that American’s can proudly display on their cups, water bottles, laptops, cars, & whatever else you want to bling up!  The front line workers are our heroes!  From nurses & doctors, to grocery store clerks, truck drivers, food service workers & anyone else that’s putting it on the line each and everyday so that our country can function!  We salute these workers and we’re thinking about you everyday!  Do your part America and help to continue to flatten the curve!  We’re donating 25% of the sale of this sticker set directly to “Feeding America”.

Sticker Measurements:

Wash Your Damn Hands ~ 2.82″ x 4″

In This Together ~ 5.52″ x 2″

Look For The Helpers ~ 3 x 3.57″

Heroes ~ 2.90 x 4″