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Meet the Artists!

SoarBlue works with numerous artists who create their own artwork! Here are the amazing artists and designers that we work with!

Sherry J. Williamson

As a primarily self-taught artist, Sherry J. Williamson has internalized author Brene Brown’s theory, “We are all born makers; we move what we are learning from our head to our heart through our hands.” Her superpower is found at the intersection of her creativity and her empathy, where she always finds inspiration to support the creation of a more just, compassionate, and equitable world. Sherry’s multi-layered and complex style saturated in intense and often unedited color is a reminder to us all that beauty is found in messy, busy, and imperfect things, whether in art or life. 

Her early work consisted primarily of pet portrait commissions, of which 20% was donated to her favorite pet rescue. As Sherry and her wife contemplated adoption in 2012, themes related to love, family, and their hope for our world and how we all treat each other became central ideas to her creative work. In early 2017 her art began to include common themes of social justice, equality, and inclusion. Over the last few years, she has donated a portion of earnings from original art and festival sales to many non-profits sharing these similar interests including Arkansas Moms Demand Action, Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Progressive Arkansas Women, Emerge Arkansas, The Arkansas Women’s History Institute, 100 Black Men of Greater Little Rock, Arkansas Food Bank, Together Rising, Out of the Woods Animal Rescue and other non-profits working to make our communities better.

Sherry lives in Central Arkansas with her wife, their children, and a menagerie of pets. She is currently working on a series of anatomical hearts illustrating how we love ourselves and each other. She is also planning a first-person perspective series. The series will narrate, through color and pattern, Sherry’s role as a caregiver for the two bravest women she has ever known, her mother and her aunt. The series will portray their enduring connection as identical twins and their fighting spirit, despite the ravages of dementia.

Amy Zhang

AMY ZHANG is a Denver-based illustration studio specializing in pretty, witty greetings and gifts. We believe in celebrating people over occasions, although we love a good occasion, too! Need a card for your 90s-obsessed bestie of two decades AND one for your dad who doesn't seem to actually want or need anything ever? We've got you covered. Find the perfect card for every person (and personality) in your life! We are female-founded and family-operated, and we're all about that paper, boy.

ABOUT AMY: Coffee fiend, donut connoisseur, pun aficionado. Lifelong bookworm and grad school survivor. Lover of cheesy Hallmark movies and nineties hip hop. On the hunt for the country’s best chicken and waffles.  Constantly looking forward to the next big trip — 37 states, 16 countries, 5 continents and counting! Will always meet you for donuts

Stacey Bowers

Arkansas artisan Stacey Bowers of Bang-Up Betty is known for her snarky and feminist sense of humor, which she works into her hand-stamped and hand-cast jewelry and gift items like lapel pins and bumper stickers. When she's not creating jewelry in her North Little Rock storefront and studio, she's teaching creative workshops, hosting local artists and organizing a book club. Her work has been featured in Bust Magazine, worn by local and national celebrities and politicians, and officially incorporated into the inaugural Women's March in Washington, DC.

Kristen and Lindsey Archer

As seen in Vanity Fair, BuzzFeed, Good Morning America, Parade and more, sisters Kristen and Lindsey Archer create handmade goods with a voice. Their handcrafted wood art and marble coaster sets are created in their home workshop in Memphis, TN, using an image transfer process that makes each piece truly unique! ARCHd goods focus on illustrations of and quotes by female activists, women in politics, inspiring change makers and more. ARCHd handmade gifts serve as both functional art pieces (bookends, coasters, candles) and powerful tools for social change.

Julianne Bazyk

Julianne Bazyk is a self-taught artist hailing from the vibrant city of Minneapolis, known for her captivating portraits of women that blend textures, bright colors, and contrasting patterns. Drawing inspiration from the diverse beauty and strength of women, Julianne's artwork captures the essence of her subjects with a refreshing and dynamic approach. Through her distinctive style, she invites viewers to explore the multifaceted nature of feminism and embrace the inherent beauty found in every individual. Her portraits serve as a celebration of identity, empowerment, and the universal human experience.

While Julianne works on her artistic pursuits as often as possible, she simultaneously works as a dedicated full-time speech-language pathologist in public schools. Her professional experiences as an educator profoundly influence her art, infusing it with empathy, compassion, and an understanding of human emotion. Through her dual roles as an artist and an educator, she strives to create a positive impact, inspiring others to embrace their authenticity and the beauty of diversity.

Julianne spends her free time with her two boys and husband, reading, taking naps, watching crime TV shows, learning about art techniques, and fighting the patriarchal and racist systems surrounding her. 

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